Book Reviews and Recommended Readings

Book Reviews

Hitchcock, Jeff   Unraveling the White Cocoon Review [BUY IT]

Recommended Readings

Adams, Romanzo C. Interracial Marriage in Hawaii. Republished 1969 by AMS Press, New York (orig. publ. 1937). [BUY IT]

Andrews, Lori. Black Power, White Blood: The Life and Times of Johnny Spain. Published 1996 by Pantheon Books, New York. [BUY IT]

Barron, Milton. The Blending American: Patterns of Intermarriage. Published 1972 by Quadrangle Books, Chicago.

Berzon, J.R. Neither Black nor White: The Mulatto Character in American Fiction. Published 1978 by New York University Press, New York.

Chiong, Jane Ayers. Racial Categorization of Multiracial Children in Schools. Published 1998 by Bergin & Garvey, Westport CT & London. [BUY IT]

Countryman, Edward. Americans. A Collision of Histories. Published 1997 by Hill and Wang. [BUY IT]

Crohn, Joel. Mixed Matches. How to Create Successful Interracial, Interethnic, and Interfaith Relationships. Published 1995 by Fawcett Columbine-Ballantine Books, New York. [BUY IT]

Davis, F. James. Who is Black: One Nation's Definition. Published 1991 by Pennsylvania State University Press. [BUY IT]

Dalmadge, Heather. Tripping on the Color Line : Blackwhite Multiracial Families in a Racially Divided World Published 2000 by Rutgers University Press. [BUY IT]

Day, Beth. Sexual Life Between Blacks and Whites: The Roots of Racism. Published 1972 by World Publishing, Times Mirror, New York.

Degler, Carl N. Neither Black Nor White: Slavery and Race Relations in Brazil and the US. Published 1971 by MacMillan Publishing Co., New York. [BUY IT]

Funderburg, Lise. Black, White, Other: Biracial Americans Talk about Race and Identity Published 1995 by Hearst Communications, Inc. [BUY IT]

Gay, Kathlyn. The Rainbow Effect: Interracial Families. Published 1987 by Franklin Watts, New York.

Gibbs, Jewelle & Huang, L.N. Children of Color: Psychological Interventions With Minority Youth (chapter on interracial adolescents). Published 1989 by Jossey-Bass, San Francisco.

Goldstein, Josh (Office of Population Research, Princeton University) The multiple-race population of the United States: Issues and estimates Recent paper which appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [need Adobe Acrobat?]

Japanese American Citizens League (JACL). Special issue on "Interracial Families." Pacific Citizen, vol.101, no.25, December 20-27, 1985.

Johnston, James Hugo. Miscegenation in the Ante-Bellum South. Republished 1972 by AMS Press, New York (orig. publ. 1939). [BUY IT]

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MacLachlan, Colin M. & Rodríguez O, Jaime E. The Forging of the Cosmic Race: A Reinterpretation of Colonial Mexico. Published 1981 by the University of California Press, Berkeley & Los Angeles. [BUY IT]

Mathabane, Mark & Gail. Love in Black and White: The Triumph of Love over Prejudice and Taboo. Published 1992 by Harper Collins, New York.

Morner, Magnus. Race Mixture in the History of Latin America. Published 1967 by Little Brown, Boston.

Murgia, Edward. Chicano Intermarriage. Published 1982 by Trinity University Press, Texas. [BUY IT]

Owen, Lyla & Murphy, Owen. The Creoles of New Orleans: People of Color. Published 1987 by First Quarter Publishing Company, New Orleans. [BUY IT]

Porterfield, Ernest. Black and White Mixed Marriages. Published 1978 by Nelson Hall Publishers, Chicago.

Root, Maria, ed. The Multiracial Experience, publ.1996 by Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks CA.  ( [BUY IT]

Root, Maria ed. Racially Mixed People in America, publ.1992 by Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks CA. [BUY IT]

Root, Maria. Filipino Americans: Identity and Transformation (includes discussion of Filipino mixed heritage). Published 1997 by Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks CA. [BUY IT]

Simon, Rita. Adoption, Race & Identity: From Infancy Through Adolescence. Published 1992 by Praeger Publishers (The Greenwood Group), Westport Connecticut.

Simon, Rita. Adoption Across Borders : Serving the Children in Transracial and Intercountry Adoptions. Published 2000 by Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, Maryland. [BUY IT]

Spickard, Paul. Mixed Blood: Intermarriage and Ethnic Identity in Twentieth-Century America. Published 1989 by the University of Wisconsin Press, Madison. [BUY IT]

Sung, Betty Lee. Chinese American Intermarriage. Published 1989 by the Center for Migration Studies, New York. [BUY IT]

Vasconcelos, José. La Raza Cósmica. First published in Mexico, 1925, English translation by Didier T. Jaén published 1979 by Centro de Publicaciones, California State University, Los Angeles.

Walker, Rebecca. Black, White, and Jewish : Autobiography of a Shifting Self. Published December, 2000 by Riverhead Books [BUY IT]

White, Steve & Ruth. Free Indeed: the Autobiography of an Interracial Couple. Published 1989 by A Place For Us Ministry, Gardena. [BUY IT]

Williamson, J. New People: Miscegenation and Mulattoes in the United States. Published 1980 by New York University Press, New York and 1995 Louisiana State Univ Press [BUY IT]

Zack, Naomi. American Mixed Race: The Culture of Microdiversity. Published 1995 by Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, Maryland. [BUY IT]


Banton, Michael P.. Ethnic and Racial Consciousness. Published 1997 by Addison-Wesley Pub Co. [BUY IT]

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Gossett, Thomas F. Race: The History of an Idea in America. Published 1965 by Schocken Press, New York, 2nd edition (1997) Oxford University Press, London & New York [BUY IT]

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UNESCO. The Race Concept. Reprinted 1970 by Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut.


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Adoff, Arnold. Black is Brown is Tan. Ages 4-8. Published 1973 by Harper and Row, New York. [BUY IT]

Garland, Sarah. Billy and Belle. Ages 4-8. Published 1992 by Viking Penguin, New York, paperback 1999 by Penguin UK, London. [BUY IT]

Hoffman, Mary, and Cornelius Van Wright (Illustrator) & Ying-Hwa Hu (Illustrator). An Angel Just Like Me. Ages 3+. Published 1997 by Dial Books for Young Readers. [BUY IT]

Lionni, Leo. Little Blue and Little Yellow : A Story for Pippo and Other Children. Ages 4-8. Published 1959 by Obolensky Press, New York; paperback 1995 by Mulberry Books. [BUY IT]

Mandelbaum, Pili. You Be Me, I'll Be You. Ages 4-8. Published 1990 by Kane-Miller Publishers, New York; paperback 1993. [BUY IT]

Nye, Loyal. What Color Am I? Published 1977 by Abingdon Press, Nashville.

Williams, Garth. The Rabbits' Wedding. Ages 4-8. Published 1958 by Harper & Row Publishers, New York; 1982 by Harpercollins Juvenile Books. [BUY IT]

Williams, Vera. More More More Said the Baby. Ages Baby-Preschool. Published 1990 by Greenwillow Books, New York; Board edition 1997 by Tupelo Books. [BUY IT]


Adoff, Arnold. All Colors of the Race. Published 1982 by Lathrop, Lee & Shepard, New York. [BUY IT]

Adoff, Arnold. Hard to be Six. Published 1991 by Lathrop, Lee & Shepard, New York.

Blume, Judy. Are You There God? It's Me Margaret. Ages 9-12. Published 1970 by Dell Publishing, New York; Reissue 1991 by Laurel Leaf. [BUY IT]

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Danziger, Paula. It's An Aardvark-Eat-Turtle World. Ages 9-12. Published 1985 by Delacorte Press, New York; Reisssue edition 2000 by Puffin. [BUY IT]

Dixon, Page. Promises To Keep. Published 1974 by Atheneum, New York.

Friedman, Ina. How My Parents Learned To Eat. Ages 4-8. Published 1984 by Houghton Mifflin, Boston. [BUY IT]

Gridley, Marion. Maria Tallchief. Published 1973 by Dillon Press, Minneapolis

Hoffman, Mary & Northway, Jennifer. Nancy No-Size. Published 1987 by Oxford University Press, New York.

Irwin, Hadley. Kim/Kimi. Ages 9-12. Published 1988 by Viking Press, New York. [BUY IT]

Jones, Adrienne. So, Nothing is Forever. Published 1974 by Houghton Mifflin, Boston.

Lacapa, Michael and Kathleen. Less Than Half, More Than Whole. Ages 4-8. Published 1995 by Northland. [BUY IT]

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Miles, Betty. All It Takes Is Practice. Published 1976 by Alfred A. Knopf.

Nichols, Joan. All But the Right Folks. Published 1985 by Maryland Stemmer House, Owings Mill.

Porte, Barbara Ann. I Only Made Up the Roses. Published 1987 by Greenwillow, New York.

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Tallchief, Maria & Rosemary Wells. Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina.Ages 9-12. Published 1999 by Viking Press, New York. [BUY IT]

Tate, Eleanora. Just An Overnight Guest. Ages 9-12. Published 1989 by Dial Press, New York; Reprint edition 1997 by Just Us Books. [BUY IT]

Terris, Susan. Whirling Rainbows. Published 1974 by Doubleday & Co., New York.

Webber, Robert. The Train. Published 1972 by Pantheon, New York.


Bess, Clayton. Big Man and the Burnout. Published 1985 by Houghton Mifflin, Boston.

Bode, Janet. Different Worlds: Interracial & Cross-Cultural Dating. Published 1989 by Franklin Watts, New York.

Brown, Rosellen. Half a Heart. Published May 2000 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. [BUY IT]

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Taylor, Mildred. Let the Circle Be Unbroken. Young Adult. Published 1981 by The Dial Press, New York; Reprint edition 1991 Puffin. [BUY IT]