Nancy G. Brown MN, CNS

Nancy is a first generation American, born in New York City and raised in New Jersey, and is of German-Jewish heritage.

Nancy is a clinical nurse specialist in mental health, having received her B.S. in nursing from Boston University in 1975, and her M.S. in Psychiatric Nursing/Community Consultation from UCLA in 1980. She has worked in a variety of hospital and community settings with adults, families, and children, and has taught nursing on the college and bacalaureate levels. She presently works as a psychotherapist with the Kaiser Department of Psychiatry.

Nancy is a partner in an interracial marriage since 1977 and has two multiracial daughters. Her husband is African American, born in Texas. This was a major impetus for the fact that she co-founded and became president of Multiracial Americans of Southern California (M.A.S.C.), a nonprofit organization in 1987. She remained president for seven years and continues to serve on the board of directors. She has been a major spokesperson for the organization as well as a frequent guest speaker in schools, colleges, professional conferences, radio and television shows on the issues that impact multiracial individuals and families. She has been quoted frequently in newspaper articles and magazines on the topics. Nancy also represented MASC as a founding member of AMEA, our national organization, in 1988, and for many years thereafter. She has held the position of Western Regional Vice-President since 1994. Nancy has been successful in bringing the work of MASC and AMEA into the professional medical/mental health arena. In 1993, she presented on the multiracial population at a five-day diversity training institute for child abuse professionals and was the first to get a section on this population in the curriculum. Nancy considers herself a healer and an educator and attempts to interrupt oppression in all spheres of her life.

Nancy is President of California Association of Psychiatric Nurses in Advanced Practice since January 2000 and serves as Co-Chair for Community Coalition Committee which addresses issues of diversity/bias at Crossroads School, Santa Monica CA since September 1999.