Multiracial/Multiethnic and Intermarried Celebrities

All information included here was obtained from public sources. Please let us know of any other notables who you think should be included. We also ask your assistance in keeping the information here up-to-date and correct. We apologize if anything here is erroneous and will make the appropriate corrections as they come to our attention.

Joan Baez, singer, Mexican father, Scottish mother (sister, singer Mimi Farina)

Pearl Bailey (d.1990), singer, married to white man, Louis Bellson, drummer

Eletha Barrett, black Jamaican Briton widow of the late white actor, Peter Finch

Jennifer Beals, biracial actress

Boris Becker, German pro tennis player, wife black, one son

Shari Belefonte, actress, biracial daughter of singer Harry Belafonte; married to a white man, Robert Harper

Troy Beyer, actress, biracial daughter of Black mother, Jewish father

Lisa Bonet, daughter of Russian Jewish mother, black father, married to Lenny Kravitz, singer, son of Russian Jewish father, black mother

Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, son of former President George Bush, wife Mexican, children

Marlon Brando, actor, married to Tahitian actress, children

Carol Moseley Braun, black US Senator; formerly married to Michael Braun; has biracial son

Edgar Bronfman, President of the Seagram Corporation; white Jewish man married to black woman

Edward Brooke, biracial former US Senator married to Anne Fleming, white

Johnathan Butler, mixed race musician, South Africa

Michael Caine, actor, married to Shakira Baksh, Guyanese of Indian ancestry; 1 dau, Natasha

Roy Campanella (d.1993), retired baseball player, biracial son of Italian father, black mother

Rod Carew, black Panamanian American baseball player married to Marilynn Levy, white Jewish American

Mariah Carey, b. 1970 in Long Island, NY to an interracial family of black Venezuelan engineer (Alfred Roy Carey) and Irish opera singer (Patricia Carey (Hickey))

Diahann Carroll, black actress and singer, formerly married to singer Vic Damone, Italian American

Linda Carter, TV actress, Mexican mother, Anglo father

Johnny Cash, singer, mestizo (white-Cherokee)

Phoebe Cates, actress, has Chinese grandparent

Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz, US astronaut & astrophysicist of Chinese and Nicaraguan parentage

Suzette Charles, biracial runnerup of Miss America pageant; replaced winner; father black, mother Italian

Linda Chavez, conservative commentator, Mexican father, Anglo mother

"Cher", Cherilyn Sarkisian, singer, father Armenian, mother part Native American

Neneh Cherry, singer, Swedish mother, West African father

Chilli, singer with TLC, born Rozanda Ocelean Thomas. Her mother is Black/American Indian and father is East Indian/Middle Eastern.

Rae Dawn Chong, actress, daughter of comedian Tommy Chong (white-Chinese) and black mother

Connie Chung (Constance Yu-Hwa Chung), TV announcer, married to TV personality Marty Povich

Tyne Daly, actress, formerly married to black actor-director George Sanford Brown, 4 children

Ron Darling, NY Mets baseball player, Amerasian (Chinese-European)

Sammy Davis, Jr., singer (deceased), married to Swedish actress Mai Britt, biracial daughter Tracey, author

Frances De Lappe, white author married to Paul Du Bois, black (descendant of WEB Du Bois)

Oscar De la Renta, Spanish fashion designer, adopted black son Moses

Dominique Di Prima, TV producer & personality, biracial daughter of activist Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones)

Giancarlo Esposito, TV actor, Italian American father, African American mother

Faith Evans, singer, mother is African American, father Italian American

Georgio, (Georgio Allentini), pop singer (Motown), Italian and black

Yasmeen Ghauri, Canadian fashion model, Moslem Hindi father, German mother

Roland Gift, British singer; white mother, black father

Whoopi Goldberg formerly married to David Claessen, Dutch, and actor Ted Danson

Jasmine Guy, TV actress, black father, white mother

Woody Harrelson, actor, wife Asian, one daughter

Dorian Harwood, black actor (Roots) married to Nancy Ann (white), children

Jimi Hendrix, deceased 60's rock artist, raised by his Cherokee grandmother

Gregory Hines, black dancer and actor married to white woman

Lena Horne, singer, widow of the late Lennie Hayton, white bandleader & arranger

Olivia Hussey, British-Argentine actress, married to Japanese man, children

In Soon-Yi, Korean/African American singer

Mick Jagger, has biracial (black-white) daughter

Grace Jones, black singer, son Paulo with French director Jean-Paul Goude

Quincy Jones, producer, divorced from actress Peggy Lipton, 2 daughters, has another daughter with actress Nastassja Kinski

Jun Yoon-Hee, Korean/Caucasian singer

Ben Kingsley, British actor of English, Hindu Indian, & Russian Jewish ancestry, married to English theatre director, two sons

Eartha Kitt actress, married to a white man, daughter, fashion model Kitt MacDonald

Nancy Kwan, actress of Chinese and EuroAmerican parentage

Le Barge, band comprised of biracial family members

John Lone, "Last Emperor" star, white (British) father, Chinese mother

Greg Louganis, Olympic athlete, Samoan father, Scandinavian mother

Amy Lumet, actress, biracial granddaughter of Lena Horne, Jewish father, mother Gail Buckley (Horne)

Bobby McFerrin, singer, married to white woman, children

Danica McKellar (played "Winnie" on The Wonder Years TV series), EuroAmerican father, Korean mother

James Michener, author, married to Japanese American Mari Yoriko Sabusawa

Mary Xinh Nguyen, model, Vietnamese mother, white American father

Edward James Olmos, actor, Mexican and Hungarian parents, married to white woman

Yoko Ono, musician, widow of John Lennon, son Sean

Debra Paget, white actress married to Chinese oil tycoon, Louis C. Kung

Nia Peebles, actress

Lou Diamond Phillips, actor (Latino, Filipino, Cherokee, Chinese, Hawaiian, Scots Irish)

Pointer Sister Ruth married to white man Michael Sayles, children (twins)

Sidney Poitier, actor, married to white actress Joanna Shimkus

Prince ("artist-formerly-known-as"), son of black father, Italian mother

Rain Pryor, actress, biracial daughter of comedian Richard Pryor

Norma Quarles, news correspondent for NBC TV, black, white, and Chinese

Anthony Quinn, actor, son of Irish father, Mexican mother 556-5600

Keanu Reeves, actor, white British mother, Chinese-Hawaiian father

Bill Richardson, former UN Ambassador, father Anglo, mother Mexican

Salli Richardson, actress ("Posse"), daughter of African American-Cherokee mother and Italian-Irish father

Geraldo Rivera, son of Puerto Rican father, Jewish mother

Smokey Robinson, singer and producer, white grandmother

Linda Ronstadt, father Mexican & German, mother white

Jimmy Smits, TV actor, Dutch East Indian Surinamese father and Puerto Rican mother

Sonya (Kim Sohn Hee), a well known Korean/African American R&B singer from Hankookilbo

Shadoe Stevens, white deejay married to black woman Donna Summer, singer, married to white man, child

Renee Tenison, 1990 Playmate of the Year, biracial, identical twin sister

Philip Michael Thomas, biracial actor (Miami Vice)

Richard Thomas, actor, formerly married to Mexican woman, triplet daughters

Tiffany, white teen pop singer married to Latino, Bulmaro "Junior" Garcia

Meg Tilly, actress, has Chinese grandparent

"Uptown" a hip hop duo with Carlos Galvan (Korean/Mexican) and Tasha Reid (Korean/African American)

Eddie Van Halen, singer, father Dutch, mother Indonesian

Vanity, biracial actress

Alice Walker, author, formerly married to civil rights attorney Mel Levanthal, daughter Rebecca

Andre Watts, biracial concert pianist, son of African American father, Hungarian mother

Julian Lloyd Webber, British cellist, brother of musical producer Andrew Lloyd Webber, married to Persian-Afghan princess Zohra Ghazi

Raquel Welch, actress, born Raquel Tejada in 1940 in Chicago to Bolivian and English parents

Billy Dee Williams, actor, married to a Japanese woman

Tiger Woods, golf pro, black-Native American father, Thai mother

Marian Wright, African American civil rights activist, currently with the Children's Defense Fund, married to Peter Edelman, Jewish, three sons