Educational Courses

People of Mixed Racial Descent

Undergraduate course offered once a year at the University of California, Berkeley. First offered in 1980, introduced by Prof. Terry Wilson, continued by Prof. Cynthia Nakashima. Current instructor - Prof. Robert Allen.
Contact: Robert Allen

Multiracial, Multiethnic People: the Law and Society

Law school course offered at Golden Gate University's School of Law, San Francisco. First offered in the Spring of 1997. Tentatively scheduled to continue Spring 1998. Instructor: Prof. Carlos A. Fernandez-Gray.
Contact: Carlos Fernandez

Multi-Ethnic Identity and Communities

Course to be offered Winter 1998 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Instructor: Karen Downing.
Contact: Karen Downing

Other Than Other: The Legitimacy of a Multiracial, Multiethnic Identity

Guest lecture offered from time to time at numerous colleges and universities by Carlos A. Fernandez-Gray. An overview of the multiracial/ethnic phenomenom.
Contact: Carlos Fernandez

Please let us know of any other courses.