AMEA Internship/Mentorship Program

This program is an attempt to bridge the disconnect within younger and older generations of the multiracial, multiethnic, and transracial adoption community while providing interns the invaluable knowledge, experience, and networks to serve as a building blocks for future leadership positions and career paths. Opportunities are available at the national or local levels working with media/public relations/advertising, education/outreach, funding/development, social/networking, membership, and a variety of other special projects needed within this infinite community.

Interns are paired with and receive direct mentorship with an organization leader (AMEA board members, affiliate members, ally businesses, etc.). The internship/mentorship program is for credit or service learning/volunteer hours; however, the benefits of the program are immense such as letters of recommendations, potential official leadership positions, and a complimentary 1-Year AMEA Student membership for free! Internships can be completed practically anywhere, as long as frequent communication can be established between you and your mentor. The assignments/tasks for each student will vary depending on the skills and interests of the student and the needs of the project, mentor, or affiliation to which the student is assigned.

We are looking for motivated and energetic students to apply ... from high school to graduate level ... and we look forward to receiving applications and welcoming new students into the organization!