Book Review: Unraveling the White Cocoon

Jeff Hitchcock's book "Unraveling the White Cocoon" is groundbreaking. He talks about "White Americans as racial beings" and sheds light on their intra- and intergroup workings. Hitchcock takes pains to be respectful of all, then moves quickly into the hard discussion of White people and their innocent perpetuation of racism. He knows about this dynamic intimately as he is a White person himself.

Hitchcock states that he believes White people are in fact trying to achieve a unified American society where race does not determine a person's standing. He goes on in "Unraveling the White Cocoon" to address how White people's intentions are undermined by their natural inclination to look at life through the privileged status of a White person, which without a great deal of effort, makes it impossible to compehend daily life as a person of color might experience..

A multiracial society is the positive end result for America as described by Hitchcock. As long as Whites are the center of America versus being just another race in America, it will be impossible to achieve the multiracial society that Hitchcock speaks about. Power, institutionalized discrimination, monoracial thinking generally will need to be examined and corrected in order to attain the society in which race does not determine a person's standing.

Overall Jeff Hitchcock's book takes one through a journey that unravels the White cocoon, thread by thread. It is required reading for all people seeking to achieve a racially just American society.

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